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About me

Hi there! I'm Emily, and I'm thrilled you are here. I am a photographer, writer, and mom in Vancouver, Washington. I am an avid lover of books, tea, Top Chef, and if I could, I would spend all my spare cash on plane tickets. I spent a few stints living abroad in Italy and China, and I will travel as often as opportunity allows.

My kids are in kindergarten and third grade, and they are equal parts exhausting and awesome. My daughter loves theater and lobbying for more screen time, and my son has equal passion for Pokemon and rock music. His current favorites are Foo Fighters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They were my original photography subjects but have become less willing the older they get! 


I didn't originally set out to become a photographer, but I'm a big believer that when something lights your soul up, it can't be ignored. I taught high school and middle school English for over a decade, and while teaching I was raising small children and craving a creative outlet that was just for me. In between grading papers and changing diapers, I picked up a camera with the sole intent of having a little fun and capturing memories of my own kids. 

I became a little obsessed. 

I loved the creativity of light and angles and capturing moments that I might not otherwise remember. So I dove deeper, studied photography intently, and eventually began shooting anyone and everyone who would let me. It lit me up. I love making people laugh and feel comfortable in front of the camera. I thrive on capturing a whole range of moments - intimate, serious, joyful, tender, and goofy. I don't want things to feel forced or unnatural, and I doubt you want photos that don't feel like you or your family. 


I am committed to making this a beautiful and enjoyable experience for you and creating pictures you will love. I will use my nerdy humor to put you at ease because I think getting photos done should be fun! I don't want you to worry about your kids being on their best behavior - I've got two of my own and I also taught middle school. I've seen it all! I just want you to relax and show up exactly as you are and let me do the rest. 






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